We provide comprehensive multimedia services. From small conferences to complex multiscreen full HD projects with projectors up to 20000 ANSI Lumen,   LED screens and full HD plasma screens. We have extensive technical facilities including plasma monitors, indoor and outdoor diode screens, plasma multimedia projectors, frame screens for front and back projection in 3:4  and 16:9 format, advanced vision mixers, videographers and image producers. When synchronising two image sources we can obtain the effect of a panoramic image. We are able to handle the most complex multimedia projects with up to 6 independent groups of screens and 24 digital and video sources in full HD quality.

We also recommend 3D mapping, i.e. image projections on buildings and on all objects or groups of objects. Illusory, images closely matching objects, changing their shape, colour and space optically.

Mapping Video is an innovative and attractive viewer of the artistic form of architectural lighting, as well as stage setting for all events.

Our mission is to develop full range of our equipment so that the offer is as comprehensive as possible, with the use of the state-of-the-art devices.

Last year, EVENTROOM added to its equipment list LED Diode panels in the innovative SND 2mm technology.

.  high resolution makes the image readable from a distance  of 1m, end resolution of even small screens allows you to view presentations and subtitles

.  high brightness gives the possibility of using this screen even in rooms with high exposure to the sun

.  passive cooling means that the diode is completely silent

.  light panels of 30/40 cm in size and weighing 4.3 kg are easy to assemble

.  a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees enables  comfortable viewing of the projected image with every assembly of chairs in the room