tłumaczenia symultaniczne sprzęt
symultanicznie tłumaczenie
tłumaczenia konferencyjne warszawa

Simultaneous interpreting

We have been providing simultaneous interpretations for many years. We have equipment and experience which allow us to handle conferences taking place in many rooms, with simultaneous interpretation into many languages.

We support simultaneous interpreting from small meetings to large international congresses.

We offer professional simultaneous infrared system by Bosch / Philips. DIS, two- and three-person booths, radiators, receivers and central units.

In addition, we have a portable  – radio system of simultaneous translations by Sennheiser – TourGuide (also called “whisperer”), which is dedicated to touring, where the whole group with the interpreter is in motion, eg when visiting a factory or any other facility. This system is an alternative to cabin systems. It allows you to carry out interpretation services on several channels at the same time, ensuring excellent sound transmission quality up to 100m. A professional database of conference interpreters and translators represent an additional advantage Eventroom offers. The following language combinations are available: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean and others.

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