wynajem nagłośnienia Warszawa
Nagłośnienie wynajem - Eventroom
Nagłośnienie wynajem - Eventroom
nagłośnienie wynajem Warszawa
Nagłośnienie wynajem - Eventroom
wynajem nagłośnienia Warszawa
Nagłośnienie wynajem Warszawa

Professional sound system for events and concerts

We belong to a global rental group L-Acoustics (L-Acoustics Rental Network) – the undisputed leader in the production of top-notch equipment in the world.  We are confident that we offer the best possible solutions to our Customers.

L-Acoustics – line array – linearly aligned systems by means of a new approach to the sound problem deliver the best possible sound. They apply waveguides to eliminate sound losses and interferences due to overlapping waves. Integrated software (Soundvision 3D Simulation Software I LA Network Manager Software, allows for three-dimensional and a precise design of sound coverage in every location. It allows us to plan exactly where the speakers will be hung and their exact set up. We can plan the amount of equipment needed prior to the assembly stage. We can also precisely design the demanded sound effect. That is how top quality solutions are born. as well as plan what effect w.

dV-DOSC system by L-Acoustic is used for large  outdoor concerts, on big stages and for demanding events.

dV-DOSC –(dV- definitely versatile – absolutely versatile) is a modern, multi-functional system, small and highly functional. It allows to meet all the requirements of even the most complex technical riders.

KIVA system – a compact, nice line array system is a sound system that works perfectly in closed spaces. Small size and excellent sound quality make it ideal for events in hotels, clubs, theatres, while meeting the requirements of even harsher rock music.

KIVA + KILO – a set with an additional subwoofer to complement lower tones (for classical music, conferences, etc.)

ARCS system with the DOSC waveguide, it guarantees the purity and precision. It was designed as a medium-range system. It is used both in open air and in enclosed spaces. It can be used as a frontfills or sidefills. Thanks to the ease of wave direction, it eliminates reflections. Used especially in clubs, hotels and banquet halls. It is easy to assemble. When most of the standard speakers have a “playing” angle – emitting from 90’ to 120’ , in ARCS each of the components from the cluster emits sound in the range of 22,5 degrees, making the whole sound design very accurate.

We also have a full system of coaxial speakers by L-Acoustic.

In our offer, you will find a rich sound system with interactive JBL speakers, dozen of wireless and wired microphones, digital and analog consoles. The amount of equipment we own allows us to handle more than 20 rooms at the same time.

With our DiGiCo consoles we can record multi-tracks of live concerts.

– 56 tracks recordings are possible on HDD from direct outputs for later processing in a studio, or for use as multi-channel playback during rehearsals before next concerts.

DiGiCo SD8 Overdrive / Stage rack 48in / 24out MADI – allows you to record 56 tracks on HDD, 56 mono or stereo channels.

DiGiCo SD9 Overdrive / Stage rack 40in / 16out MADI – a smaller mixer – maximum support for up to 40 mono or stereo channels.

Yamaha LS9-32                                                                                                                                          As they call it  – an absolutely “rider console”.

More details about our equipment can be found in the equipment tab.

We’ve done concerts for stars like: Piasek, Kayah, Kombi, Raz Dwa Trzy, Ania Dąbrowska, Elektryczne Gitary, Novica, AudiFells, Motion Trio, Maleńczuk.

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