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Wireless lighting

Eventroom has been the first one to introduce  the first wireless LED lighting to the event market. The devices operate on the basis of built-in batteries. No longer do you have to worry about cables or power supply.

We are fully capable of controlling lights  used to illuminate decorative elements. That feature makes us distinguishable on the market.

The devices work up to 24 hours without recharging during the event – with simple lighting, up to 8 hours when using full dynamic light play (charging time – 3,5 hours). Faithful reproduction of colours and shades – RGBW diodes – 16,5 million colours. Radio control -the ability to address devices and control with a radio remote control or from a DMX controller up 300 meters. Several dozen ready-made programs in many variants (speed, brightness, smooth transitions, strobing) without using the DMX lighting mixer. From a DMX  console – matrix mapping and animations are possible.

In our offer you will find:

Wireless Pixel Tuba – receiver of radio and infrared signals 128 RGBW diodes with a total power of 16 watts; length 1m.; power supply included in the set.

Wireless Light Drops – a drop of light, radio and infrared receiver, 16 RGBW LEDs with total power of 2,5 and 10 watts; black POM case (polyoxymethylene). LED droplets inside specially designed waterproof cases made of polyethylene or air-filled decorations give a completely new potential. Beautiful, bright shapes will make your events unforgettable.  The possibility of using wireless light solutions is extremely useful and efficient.

Wireless wall washer – wireless LED wash strips with RGBW pixel, with handles. It emits a narrow stream, as an illuminator, or – with a diffusing filter – a wide beam of light. Available in sizes: 25, 50 and 100 cm.

Wireless Spots – a built-in receiver of radio and infrared signals, RGBW diodes with a total power ranging from 20 watts to 100 watts; black aluminium cases, built-in batteries.

UP Light – wireless light in a portable case measuring 20 cm. It emits a  unique illumination by breaking down a stream of light in a prism. It is operated by a radio remote control. It is perfect Perfect for light decorations in a foyer, to decorate walls and ceilings.

Please, go to the equipment sections in ”what is new” for more details on hardware

NEW on the market – illuminated PE DECORS (polyethylene) and AIR decors.


Coloured shapes can be set outside as well as indoors, giving a completely new dimension to the illuminated space. It is also possible to add full lighting dynamics that no other lighting system offers.  

Software used in all devices during an event is fully synchronised (drops, pixel-bars, pairs, air décor). We can simultaneously change colours and effects between devices / lamps / PE objects.